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Full Version: How to translate X-Sec Antivirus into your desired language?
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Just follow these steps!
  1. Download the attachment of this post[You can choose English/Simplified Chinese as a base]

  2. Find the correct Language Tag on https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc233982.aspx which matched the language you wanted to translate

  3. Extract the downloaded archive

  4. Using some Text Editor(such as Notepad++, UltraEdit, Visual Studio Code, etc... DO NOT use Windows Notepad, DO NOT change file's encoding) open the inside XAML file

  5. <s:String x:Key="...">[YOUR TRANSLATION]</s:String>

  6. <s:String x:Key="SettingsPageItemGeneralLanguage****">[DO NOT TRANSLATE]</s:String>

  7. We strongly recommend you that: length of your translation <= 1.5 * length of English Translation, otherwise text will not be fully shown(Please consider a shorter/reduced translation)

  8. When you finished, you can create a new post on this section, please rename the file name into Language Tag you found before, you also need to tell me the language you translated. 

  9. When new translation items added, we will contact you through the post you posted in this forum
Traditional Chinese translation is provided by cdyism
French translation is provided by Andrew999