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Hi, I have done the translation, I hope it is good enough. French is not my native language but it should be good enough, I thought I would help translate because it might help some people who use the program. Smile

Also I updated the translation @XywCloud it should be fixed now.

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Wow, sounds great!
I'll check it tonight.
Hi Andrew,
Your translation will be added in the next version. :-)
Hi Andrew,
We have updated our original translation and some translation tips, some modifications are needed on your translation.
I have tried to reduce the size of some of the translations. I hope this is good enough. If there is more be sure to message me. If you can please message me the translations that do not fit properly.

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Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your hard work.

.7z   fr_FR.7z (Size: 3.42 KB / Downloads: 1)
Here is the translation with my modifications(based on your translation)
In order to fit the size of window, I have done the following changes. If you wanted to know more, you can use some Text Compare Tool to know details.
Sorry but I can only use Google Translate to finish these modifications.
1. "QuarantineWindowCheckBoxAddTrustListWhenRecover"
Its English tranlsation is "Add to Trust List when recover", I used "Add to Trust List" as a base to translate into French, then I added a ToolTip named "QuarantineWindowCheckBoxAddTrustListWhenRecoverToolTip" then filled it with your original translation(It will show when you move your mouse on the checkbox)
BTW, I have expanded the Quarantine Window.
2. "TrustListWindowBtnRemoveInvalid"
The English translation of this key has been changed to "Smart Clean", in order to reduce the size of other translations. Also, it has ToolTip.
3. "ScanPageLbLastScanTime"
Its English translation is "Last Scan Time:", I used "Last Scan:" as a base to translate into French.
4. "ScanPageLbScanTaskMgr"
Its English translation is "Scan Task Manager", I used "Task Manager" as a base to translate into French.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell me.
Thanks for your time, and helping me to translate and make my job easier.

I think it should be ok if you use Google Translate most of the time it is pretty accurate. Anyway when the version comes, I can check to see if it makes sense anyway which I am pretty sure it will Smile

Kind regards, Andrew

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