X-Sec Antivirus Released!
  • Settings for update
  • Context Menu is linked with X-Sec Antivirus GUI now
  • Re-design About section
  • Re-write X-Sec Antivirus Updater
  • Change representation of showing threat details
  • Now Cloud Scan uses HTTPS
  • Now most of X-Sec Antivirus' modules have 64-bit version
  • Enhance Heuristic Engine for phishing pdf
  • Minor bugs in X-Sec Antivirus GUI
Users must update to this version otherwise you will no longer use Cloud Engine
From this version, we removed CommandLine Version due to less usage
From this version, we changed component requirement
Users should remove Context Menu through Commandline Version and re-install X-Sec Antivirus(remove all files then re-download)
We found a bug which will influence user experience, so we will release a quick fix after a few hours.
To finish this update, you need to restart X-Sec Antivirus manually (instead of notice which X-Sec Antivirus shows) to finish this update.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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